Balloon modelling for childrens parties

Balloon modelling is something that anybody can do whatever their age and it is also a very cheap hobby. Unlike some hobbies all you need are a few modelling balloons and a bit of know how and you too can be an expert balloon modeller.   Balloon modelling is getting more and more popular and it can often be seen in practise at children's birthday parties where the children's party entertainer will do some magic and then show his or her skills at making balloon animals for the children.

Balloon modelling for childrens parties

Your first point of call are the balloons themselves. These are special balloons and have been purposely manufactured for the art of balloon modelling. They are stronger than normal balloons so that they can be twisted and turned into the many different shapes required without the possibility of them bursting too often.

When you first start to practise balloon modelling you will find that a few of them will burst but after a short while you will begin to get the hang of it. Balloons can be purchased either online or direct from a children's entertainer who will be happy to provide you with the correct requirements.

The balloons used most often in balloon modelling are called 260s. That simply means that once the balloon has been blown up then it will measure 2 inches across and 60 inches in length if fully blown. To blow the balloon up always use a balloon pump. It is essential for balloon modelling as it can be a strain on yourself if you try to blow the balloons up by mouth.

Place the lip of the balloon over the pump's nozzle. Push it down and hold it tightly over the nozzle with one hand and pump up the balloon with the other. For most balloon models you will not need to inflate the whole of the balloon. The amount of air you pump into the balloon will depend on the model you are making. There should be a tail at the end because as you twist the balloon into shape air will be squeezed along the remaining length of the balloon and without this tail end the balloon would burst.

Once blown up with the correct amount of air, let a little air out and then tie a simple knot in the end of the balloon and you are ready to make your first balloon model.

The best and by far the most popular item to make first is the balloon dog. Instructions on how to make one can be found on the internet or again can be obtained from a childrens entertainer party supplier.

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