Choosing the right food for a birthday Party

Choosing what children will eat at the birthday party is as important as deciding on the decorations and what type of kids party entertainment to have.    This is not the time to try out that new recipe that you had wanted to test and it also isn't necessary to spend a fortune on food from shops. Just because it is a birthday party doesn't mean that children will eat more than what they usually do at meal times. The best way is to stick to simple and colourful food. Children enjoy colourful things and this is no different where food is concerned.

Choosing the right food for a birthday Party

On the whole children eat very little at birthday parties as the excitement of the event usually takes over and they want to be entertained and have fun playing games with their friends.

The look of the table, decorations and party hats, balloons etc. will be of greater importance to them than the sight of well prepared and organised food.

Sandwiches are the ever popular choice and children will be able to select ones that they like. Nibbles, such as crisps, will always go down well. A few assorted biscuits and cakes with colourful toppings will make a nice addition.

You could also try things like small sausages or sausage rolls. It's a good idea to keep away from any type of hot or warmed up food as you don't want food to go cold and it can be difficult to keep food hot until required, especially at children's birthdays.

A helping of jelly and ice cream, another party favourite, is also a favourite party food for them. Obviously, at the end there is the birthday cake itself with the candles on. The birthday boy or girl will blow the candles out and then whilst the children are playing party games the cake can be cut into small pieces so that the children can take some away at the end of the party in their own party bags.

When deciding on your party food think about if you are going to have to take it along to a village hall. Is it easy to transport to the venue. If the party is being held at home you won't have these types of problems to cope with.

Another factor to consider is what time are you holding the party. It is best f it is being held at a time when the children normally have something to eat.

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