Traditional and Unique Party Games and Ideas

     Playing is important in a child's life. Without some sort of entertainment children will get bored and frustrated.  It plays an important role in the upbringing of a child. It helps a child develop his or her skills and help them learn new things. Entertainment and recreation also gives parents a chance to have a rest from their children while they are busy.

Traditional and Unique Party Games and Ideas

If you decide to do the party games yourself it is a good idea to start with some simple ice-breaker games to make sure that all the children get to know each other and feel comfortable in their new environment. This will also help any shy children integrate more successfully into the party.

     Party games along with balloons and a magician or clown make kids birthday parties come to life! Party children expect the birthday games as a key part of the birthday party fun. Kids activities range from pass the parcel to pin the tail on the donkey - all wonderfully fun games for the children's party entertainment.

     Stuart offers the full party option and will organise all the party games and activities for you.  All the traditional party music is supplied using a professional quality sound system.  Along with a large supply of all the prizes and giveaways required during the games and magic show, you can relax knowing that your child will have a party that they and their friends will remember for many years to come.  You are well on your way to making memories for your child's birthday party.

If you are wanting to do the party games yourself and are on a tight budget then here are ten top games that are not only simple to arrange and cheap but also entertaining games that are suitable for children of all ages.

1. Play a game with large soft balls or round balloons. Line up several cardboard boxes, each one a foot ahead of the other. Have the child stand on a tape line laid on the floor and toss the ball or balloon.  They now try to hit or throw it into each successive box, starting with the one nearest them.  Every one gets a chance, and the score is kept to see if anyone can land the ball into every box. The further away the last box is, the harder it gets, of course. This game with balloons, takes on a different aspect, as they tend to "float" and bounce away, etc., making for more action.

2.If the room is large and there is not much furniture, the old fashioned sack race, done with old pillow cases, shoes off, is fun. Divide the group into two teams, and have your helper at the other side of the race course,
to turn the hoppers back.

3. Play "hot potato". Sit everybody in a big circle and roll a ball from one to the other as fast as they can. The idea is not to get caught with the ball when the whistle blows, the music stops or the bell rings.

4. Remember musical chairs? For several generations this has been a favourite game. Every home has a CD player or Ipad.  Small chairs are ideal, but folding chairs will do. Line up the chairs, one less than the number of children, and alternate the way the chairs face. Everybody marches around and around the line of chairs, and each time the music stops, they drop in the nearest chair. It makes for fun and laughter, and each time somebody is out and one chair is removed. Continue until-only one child is left.

5. A table game can be played with cardboard and crayons. Everybody draws a picture on his cardboard, which is preferably differently coloured. For small children, a mother cuts all the drawings into several different pieces. All the pieces are piled in a heap in the center of the table and the game is to see who can put together a puzzle quickest by reaching in the heap and finding pieces. Or who can put together his original picture quickest. This game can be done on a living room floor also. Consult your local library for books on children's games if you want to explore the idea.

6. Don't forget the well known classic pass the parcel game.  This always goes down well with children of all ages.  They enjoy the fun and excitement of passing the parcel round the circle of children in anticipation of the music stopping when they are holding the parcel.  There is no substitute for the thrill of opening the parcel to see if they have won or not.  Remember if you are doing this yourself to put a small prize between each layer such as a packet of sweets or a small toy.  We use a variation that is unique to ourselves that does away with the mess of paper layers.  It uses coloured bags that makes the game more visual and fun.  The children always try to guess what coloured bag will be next and shout it out.

7. Make up some small bean bags or purchase them from any good toy shop and split the children into two teams.  The idea is to chose one boy or girl from each time and have them put their arms out flat and try to balance the bean bags on their arms.  The first team that manages to balance all of the bags on their arms is the winner.  Remember to give out small prizes to the winning team.  You can also adapt this game by making it into a new version of the classic egg and spoon race where instead of the egg and spoon you have the bean bag.  The children balance this on their head and have to walk a certain distance before turning round and going back to their team.  Each child takes it in turn with the team that completes the task first of all the children carrying the bean bag being the winners.  This is not just for a child's Birthday Party but is also ideal for gala and fun days and can be played outside or inside.

8.  Balloon relay is another quick and easy game.  The children stand in a line one behind the other and the first child has a balloon that they have to pass over their head to the boy or girl behind them.  When the balloon gets to the last person they go round to the front and it starts again and is repeated until the first person is once again at the start.  The team that completes this first are the winners.

9. Musical statues or musical bumps although old is still one of the hits at a party.  To avoid having this as an elimination game have small stickers that you give to a child if they are still moving when the music stops.  The last child to get a sticker gets the main prize.  This is always fun and enjoyable.

10. Any type of a treasure hunt especially at a pirates party is fun for the children.  Beforehand you can hide items that the children have to find.  Another way with this idea that we use occasionally is to have made up a large amount of, for example, yellow stars that you have hidden all over the place.  The child that finds the most is the winner.

Activity type games are the best form of physical kids party entertainment. Children like to play and should be encouraged to take part in different activities like clubs, indoor games, and outdoor games.

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