Your Free Birthday Party Guide And Planner

Here is some free advice to mothers and other birthday party planners that you are can use in planning for that special birthday party.

Ask for a definite response to any invitations sent out and check the list with your birthday son or daughter. A written invitation is better than a phone call, because the guests have the day, the time, the place, etc. before them to avoid mistakes. The day of your child's birthday party can be stress free and fun for you as well as for the child if you keep it simple, well organised, and easy on yourself.

Your Free Birthday Party Guide And Planner

Our first suggestion on this last point is that you utilise the services of a birthday party children's entertainer. Let us show you how inexpensive the children's entertainer can be. If you try to handle all the entertainment yourself, even if for only two hours, you will have to buy game supplies. of some kind, and prizes for them. You will also have to follow the popular trend of having some small gifts for each child to take home in party bags. You will also want to have balloons around, in some manner or other, because balloons and birthdays go together.

With the childrens entertainer coming to your party, none of these expenditures are required. Every child gets a balloon animal, made during the party, and kept by them to take home. No games or prizes of any kind are required, because the entertainer stays for a full the full party if you go for a full party option. This, coupled with the party food and cake and allowing time for the children to gather on arrival and at the end for finding coats and saying goodbyes, adds up to a very presentable two to two and a half hour party and for most of it, you can be with the other mothers or your friends, knowing the children are enjoying themselves and in good safe hands.

A good childrens entertainer will tell you, when you phone him, that he can do the party anywhere in your home, or a village hall etc. He will adapt himself to any venue you select. However, for your own sake, and that of the children, give it some thought. If you have a wooden or carpeted floored play room, that is the obvious place to have the party. In summer, a lawn or patio is nice, provided it is not in the full glare of the sun. Neither the children nor the performer will do well with a long stay under the bright sun. Provide some sort of shading, if there are no trees.

Be sure to make your phone call to the children's entertainer well in advance of the date you want. Saturdays and Sundays are busy days for entertainers, but unfortunately, they are also the days almost everybody wants for their party. A week day after school, or a school holiday is a good time for such a party, but if you enquire well ahead of time you stand a good chance of getting the day and time you want. If the party has to be in the living room, remove all breakables, ornaments, and easily tipped over items. It will only take a few minutes and your mind will be easier during the party.

With the children's entertainer taking most of the work of the party off your hands, be sure to take certain precautions so you do not add to your problems. Make the invitation very specific as to what time the party begins and ends.

The children's entertainer will take care of all the entertainment and the games, etc. A frequent query from mothers planning parties is about the order in which the party should be planned. Some mothers like to serve the food and ice cream, then the cake, and thus end all the food tasks before the party proper. However the most popular choice is to start with a magic show from the entertainer who will then do a couple of games. This is followed with the party food and the entertainer will once again keep the kids attention with balloon animals for them all whilst they are having their food. After the food comes the birthday cake followed by more party games and prizes with the party finishing off with the children taking home their balloon animals and party bags.

If the room in which the food is served can be a separate one, then you can go all out with decoration. Crepe paper streamers, cut outs of clowns, animals, flowers, etc., Birthday motif paper table cloth, all add to the fun and can be bought quite cheaply or the children's entertainer can provide for you at a minimal cost. For absolute bottom cost, decorate with cut up funny papers. Make long chains and hang them from the ceiling to the table. Some birthday parties have a small gift at each place, or a small container of party sweets or similar little

If money is no object, beautiful cakes can be ordered from specialty cake shops., if you are trying to have a fun party for your children at a low cost then a large cake made from a mix can be decorated with gum drops, smarties and coloured paper animals, trains, flags, dolls, animal crackers, simply let your imagination go wild. After cutting the objects out of stiff paper, stand them in the frosting all around the edge of the cake. When it is cut, one goes to each child

Don't forget the possibility of a sandwich loaf cake frosted with coloured food colouring. This could be decorated to be a truck, or a train, or even an elephant. Add the necessary pieces cut out of stiff paper, make ears, or wheels, or whatever items your object requires.

For supplies in decoration, or making things to decorate, etc., locate your local discount shop or pound shop. It may be possible to obtain some of your requirements from the entertainer that you hire.

Children eat quicker than adults, especially under party conditions. There is no table chat, as with adults. Games can move quickly, and the time you thought was all accounted for can be left hanging on your hands when they say, "We are tired of THAT game. What else can we do?" So if you decide to prolong the party beyond your own limits then you will need to hire a children's entertainer so that you can enjoy the party too stress free.

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