How long should a Birthday Party last ?

The time to decide when the party is going to end is one that is often overlooked. It will depend on things like if it has been booked for in a hall and there may be strict terms of use as to when the hall has to be vacated, but if it is to be held at home it is slightly different although there are some guidelines that need to be considered.

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The party is divided into three parts the entertainment part, the food including the cake and the games. The part of the party that is the most difficult to predict is the food as you never know how long this may take. If you have hired a good children's entertainer then he will continue entertaining the children whilst they eat, usually by making balloon animals or balloon hats for all the children.

The one item that gets most people thinking is when to cut the cake. This is one of the highlights for the birthday boy or girl at their birthday party and it is usually best to do this straight after they have had their party tea so that whilst the magician is keeping the children entertained with party games and prizes the cake can be cut and placed into the childrens' party bags for them to take home at the end of the party.

The birthday party always starts with the magician and his magic show as this settles the children down and relaxes them as they get to know the magician. It also helps the children get acquainted, if they don't all know one another. It gives the birthday child the chance to be featured in the magic show before too many other things take over like the party games and prizes.

Whilst the magic show is going on It gives the mother time to get the refreshments all set and then after the magic show has finished the children sit down and have their birthday tea. With the magic show lasting about 40 minutes and then 15 minutes of games followed by 15 minutes for the food there is time left for the party games which can take up to an hour. This means that a normal party will last about 2 - 2.5 hours.

Whilst the games are going on this gives time for the parents to clean up and if they have hired out a hall will mean that they can vacate the premises on time and not have to spend time after the party clearing up which is what would happen if the birthday party food was at the end of the party.

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