Balloon animals for a childrens party

Making balloon animals for a kids party won't cost much but they are worth a lot more than money to you. They begin to be of value when you hand them out at the party. The other mothers get very interested when they see you are making an animal as a gift for every child (perfectly feasible for the average size party).

Balloon animals for a childrens party

The trend these days is to give each child some souvenir gift and these,even when purchased in the Pound Store, can run into considerable expense. Balloon animals are much more cost effective.

Many children's entertainers make just one animal and keep making that simple four legged creature for each child as they go along. The different coloured balloons do add some variety, but the kids aren't fussy about the kind of animal as they are more interested in the fact that something has been made from a balloon.

When you do get adept at making various animals, which will, eventually look very much like the animal you are naming, then you can stress this and the kids will enjoy it. In fact, you can get so good at this art that you can make the animal and have the kids say what it is.

A word of caution is that If you make them too soon, the children will begin to play with them and begin to make noises by rubbing them, or even pop them. All of this can interfere with the party.

A professional childrens entertainer will also interact with the children as they twist and bend the colourful balloons into the different shapes. Sometimes to add a bit of life to them they will draw eyes and a mouth on the balloons to bring them to life. Although this isn't totally necessary care should be taken when putting the marker pen onto the balloon as some types will pop the balloon straight away and
others will easily smudge and so it is best not to draw on the balloons until you are certain that the marker pen you are using is adequate for the job.

So balloon animals can be an asset to a kids party and many shops sell kits with instructions for you to follow. They will give you and the children many hours of endless fun but just think what extra a professional entertainer who is used to making them would bring to your party and be that little bit different from every other party that you have been to.

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